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In the United States, the process of taking an ambulance is not only a
costly affair but also hindered by a tedious documentation process.
Recognizing this challenge, our client sought a digital solution to streamline and digitize the documentation process for ambulance services. The focus was on addressing the layers involved, including the nurse, billing admin, and
insurance company, all of whom play crucial roles in the documentation workflow.

The client presented specific requirements for an app capable of easy document image capture. The goal was to utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on scanned images to extract data and pre-populate a standard form for billing administrators to review. However, this undertaking presented several challenges, including the need to adhere to HIPAA compliance and ensure accurate extraction of information from hand-written or typed documents.

Initially designed for a Getac Windows tablet, the app's scope expanded to include Android and iPad platforms. Following agile practices for MVP development, the project began with meticulous planning of sprints to ensure a systematic and efficient development process.

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The Solution

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Minimalistic, User-friendly Design

Recognizing the high-stress nature of ambulance transits, our designers crafted a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. The design aimed to cater to the diverse technical aptitudes of emergency staff. Emphasizing the elimination of physical contact, the navigation for documentation upload, query redressal, and real-time chats was streamlined. The mobile app was designated for use by nurses accompanying patients, while backend access was granted to billing administrators for insurance claim decisions.

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Easing the Documentation Process

A critical aspect of the solution was to streamline the completion of an Emergency Facesheet for each patient by the medical staff. This Facesheet needed to be provided to the billing admin for every ambulance ride. The app aimed to digitize and expedite this process, allowing nurses to take clear photographs of the document, edit them for clarity, and upload them.
This enabled billing admins to seamlessly take over the remaining work.

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Optical Character Recognition and HIPAA Compliance

The challenge of extracting relevant data from scanned documents was addressed through the implementation of AWS for Optical Character Recognition. Despite the complexity, the engineering team achieved an impressive 90-100% accuracy in reading and extracting OCR data. To ensure the security and privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI), the development adhered to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA.

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Billing Admin Manager, Real-time Chat, Raise an Issue Before Approval

Several in-app features were implemented to enhance the overall process. Notifications for all approved/rejected requests from the admin department were incorporated, providing real-time updates. Nurses could raise review requests for rejected documents and discuss issues through an in-app chat box, facilitating seamless communication. Additionally, a Billing Manager access was created to manage multiple billing admin accounts, offering insights into statistics, approval issues, and access gaps
in the entire process.

Technologies Used

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Following an agile development process for MVP, the system was successfully developed within 12 weeks. The client has now entered the testing phase, evaluating the system's functionality and performance.

In summary, the innovative digital solution not only addressed the challenges of costly ambulance services and cumbersome documentation but also introduced efficiency, security, and transparency into the entire process. The user-friendly design, coupled with advanced features, positions the app as a transformative tool in the realm of ambulance

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